The Sound of a city

Wij capteren uw stad in beeld en geluid. Naast Parijs en Rome gingen we in 2019 aan de slag in Mechelen.

In opdracht van het Festival van Vlaanderen, Mechelen/ De Kempen, capteerden wij in beeld en geluid de klank van Mechelen (2019). Jelle Dierickx, artistiek directeur, schreef hierover: “The ladies of DUOBAAN XL were asked by LUNALIA, the city festival in Mechelen organised by the Flanders Festival Mechelen, to create an artistic campaing for the edition in 2019. The request was to make some movies and a performance featuring THE SOUND OF M, the Sound of Mechelen, of the Moon and of Mmm. They not only delivered on time and did an exquisite job, they’ve made us rediscover the city. I can highly recommend this remarkable collective.”